A quick introduction to Sunningdale Candle Co


Our story

Sunningdale Candle Co is a small independent candle company. We’re very proud to produce 100% natural wax candles and diffusers. Each batch we make is hand poured in our kitchen workshop. Our fragrances are made using only the finest essential oils. We also have a range of unscented candles.

We started attending Ascot Farmers Market as a member of Thames Valley Farmers Market Co-operative in April 2016. We now are very pleased to attend a number of markets throughout each month, along with appearances at various artisan events and craft fairs during the year.

In March 2018, we became members of The British Candlemakers Federation. Their main objective is to ensure that the traditional skills and arts of candle making in Britain and Ireland are continued, alongside the development of new, modern methods - so it was an honour to be accepted.

Our aim is simple; to create products using all natural ingredients from a sustainable source to give you a beautiful, gentle, natural aroma that makes your senses smile! When testing new fragrance blends, we have a team of 'sniffers' who lend us their lovely noses and give us their honest opinions.

When we say 100% natural ingredients, what does that really mean? It means that we do not use artificial fragrances or paraffin/mineral wax in any of our products. We avoid using palm wax for ethical reasons, and to keep our lovely vegan customers happy, we don’t use beeswax either. We create our own blends using only pure essential oils, coupled with sustainably sourced natural waxes and diffuser bases.

In keeping with our principles to deliver a completely natural experience, we use recyclable containers and packaging, brown paper bags and natural tissue paper. We even collect empty glass containers from our local customers and offset this against further purchases - a recycle discount!